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About Dubbo’s 94.3

Dubbo’s 94.3 is a Christian community radio station broadcasting on 94.3 MHz, located in the Great Western Plains of New South Wales, Australia. Dubbo’s 94.3 is a 100% voluntary organisation.

Dubbo’s 94.3 is owned and operated by Dubbo Christian Broadcasters Incorporated (DCB), an inter-denominational charitable organisation based in Dubbo. Dubbo’s 94.3 is officially 2DCB but prefers the identity Dubbo’s 94.3.

The Vital Statistics

Our studios are located in in Dubbo on Sheraton Road.

Our transmitter will be located at Sappa Bulga Trig near YARRABA, at the south-western boundary of our license area. Our transmission equipment was purchased with funds raised by our members, gifts and loans from our supporters and the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

For the tech-heads, our output power is 10Kw ERP and we maintain an STL link between the studio and the transmitter. We have two RVR transmitters.

Dubbo’s 94.3 serves the region of Dubbo and the broader western plains community. McNair Ingenuity surveys have found that a staggering 57% of radio listeners listen to a community station at some point during the month.

Our own polls suggest in excess of 14% of Dubbo radio listenership prefer Dubbo’s 94.3 with many listeners dedicated solely to Dubbo’s 94.3.