Your “Ordinary” Makes Life Meaningful, Says ‘Jesus And’ Author Robert Fergusson

Nov 7, 2023 | Faith

By: Laura Bennett

If you’ve been exposed to the Christian worldview for any length of time, it’s likely you’ve heard people talk about how we “partner with God” in His masterplan for the world and how, despite our ordinariness and failures at times, we’re all qualified for the job of being a “friend of God” in that pursuit.

Author and pastor Robert Fergusson has taught from the Bible for more than 30 years. He’s an internationally-recognised Hillsong Church preacher and has written three books, including Are you Getting This?, Making Connections That Work and his latest, Jesus And.

Robert’s long been curious about the relationship between Jesus and the “everyday” individuals He invited to work alongside Him, exploring that dynamic in Jesus And.

“Jesus works with people,” Robert said.

“He doesn’t ‘need us’ as such, and yet He chooses to work through us to fulfill His purpose. I find that whole idea really intriguing.”

Whether it was the disciples, John the Baptist or Zechariah and Elizabeth, there was a simplicity to the people God invited into his plan on earth that can’t be undervalued.

“I love the concept of the ordinary nature of life,” Robert said.

“Most of what we do is mundane, to a large extent it’s tedious, but the way we master the mundane will determine how we experience the miraculous.”

Robert also appreciates how God gave us a tangible example of how to make our mundane meaningful in Jesus.

“We all think that the best way to help people is to give them a set of rules, a set of parameters, a set of limits,” Robert said.

“But we all know, also, the best way to lead people is by example.

“God understands how we work: He could’ve just given us a set of rules, but what better way than to send Himself into our midst to be tempted exactly like we are – live exactly like we are.

“[He’s] someone we could relate to.”

Book 'Jesus and' by Robert Fergusson
Above: Robert Fergusson’s new book, ‘Jesus and’