Turkey: Youth Activities

Aug 16, 2020 | VoM

A VOM supported youth program in Turkey has had to adjust its delivery due to COVID-19.

The program spiritually equips youth to remain faithful followers of Jesus through their teenage years by:

  • Encouraging them to be active in attending and serving in a local church
  • Connecting the small number of Christian youths across the city and country to develop friendships and be encouraged
  • Providing a fun and safe environment for the youth to spend time with other believers away from their often lonely and intense high-school environments.
  • Regularly organising social events and yearly camps for the youth.
  • Empowering the youth to begin serving the Turkish church by providing opportunities to serve on the children’s Summer camps.

COVID-19 restrictions include Turk nationals aged under 20, along with those over 65, not being allowed to leave their homes since early March. This has meant face-to-face youth gatherings have not been possible for much of the year so far.

Meetings/events have been restricted to what can be achieved via video conference, with program organisers utilising games and other digital content to encourage participants.

At this stage it is unclear if planned Summer camps will be able to be run. Organisers are planning for both a normal style camp and an online style event.

The program team continues to pray for the youth, learning their spiritual and practical needs, bringing these before God weekly.

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