Miracles Day 2020

What is Miracles Day?

Miracles Day is an annual event each August, when Dubbo’s 94.3 and CBM Australia join together to give the miracle gift of sight to people living with cataracts in the world’s poorest countries.

Who is CBM Australia?

CBM Australia has been operating for over 30 years, and is the world’s largest disability development organisation. CBM works to empower people with disabilities who live in some of the poorest places in the world.

3 key messages
  • On Thursday 6 August, you can help give 10,000 people in the world’s poorest countries the Miracle gift of sight.
  • Your $33 donation gives someone sight saving surgery. Cataract operations take just 12 minutes, but can change a person’s life.
  • Give the Miracle gift of sight by calling 131 226 or DONATE HERE!
Key statistics about cataract blindness
  • Cataracts are the world’s leading cause of blindness in middle and low income countries, making up almost half of all blindness.
  • Around 18 million people in the world are blind from cataracts.
  • Around 90% of people who are visually impaired live in poor countries.
  • Around 1.4 million children under 15 years old are irreversibly blind.
  • Although cataracts are generally straightforward to treat, they often lead to permanent vision loss for people living in the world’s poorest countries, who cannot access affordable eye-care and surgery.
  • CBM International (of which CBM Australia is a part) has performed more than 12 million cataract operations worldwide. Each year, CBM International performs 600,000 eye operations.