LAOS: Young Believer Denied Medical Care

Mar 12, 2020 | VoM

John became interested in Christianity through a friend who shared Christian music and videos with him. He came to faith in Christ after eventually finding a pastor in another village who explained the Gospel to him.

About six months after professing his faith, his foster parents and others in his village began to complain, cursing him and treating him badly. “Stop believing in God, because this is not the religion of our ancestors,” his relatives told him. “It is a religion of foreigners.”

John’s foster parents even told him they regretted taking him in after his parents died. In addition, they told him they would not pay for a scheduled surgery to remove a metal rod in his leg unless he gave up his faith.

John told them he would continue to love and respect them but that he could not give up his faith. He said he would wait for the surgery until he can afford to pay for it himself. “I will believe in Christ until I pass away,” he said.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the way He is revealing Himself to many in Laos. Pray for all individuals and families who face opposition for their faith in Christ throughout the nation.
  • Praise God for the faithful witness of John. Join with him in praying for his foster family and his community.
  • Pray that John will find encouragement from members of his new family in Christ.