Jay’s story – Counting it all Joy

Jul 27, 2020 | VoM

Raised in a strict Muslim family, Jay’s dream was to preach Islam everywhere he went, that is until he met a Christian woman and found Jesus.

Born in Malaysia, Jay was raised and educated in Islamic law. Many of his family were Muslim evangelists; his brother was an Imam at the local mosque and Jay was set to go down the same path.

Jay decided he would share his Muslim faith with Christians and in doing so, he met Aeni, a Christian woman.

Jay said it was a turning point in his life and, through Aeni, he learnt about the “love and gentleness of the Lord”. Even though they had their challenges, the two married and Aeni never stopped praying for Jay. In 2019 he accepted Jesus and was baptised.

Soon after, Jay’s family discovered he had become a Christian and cut all ties with him. They turned the local community against him and lodged a report with local authorities. In Malaysia, it is illegal to convert from Islam to Christianity.

Thankfully, Jay and Aeni managed to escape to another town about four hours from their home, but life isn’t easy. They are now living in a small house in the jungle with a three-month-old baby. Due to persecution and the recent pandemic, Jay has struggled to find work.

The only way they survive is by selling at the local market the small amount of fruit and vegetables they grow. Local Christians haven’t been able to help them as they will also be arrested if they assist.

Despite this, Jay and Aeni remain faithful to the Lord, praying daily for their families.

“The more we pray, the more we experience the peace of God,” Jay said.

Last year, Voice of the Martyrs Australia partners connected with Jay and have begun discipling him and his family. He has since opened his home for fellowship and has started to share his faith with others.

VOM Australia has also been able to provide food and support for Jay and his family when needed.

Jay has a desire to grow in the Lord and serve Him always. “I count it all joy to know Jesus, I give thanks in everything,” he said.

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