Displaced Believers Find Hope

Apr 29, 2020 | VoM

In India, Christians are persecuted by Hindu extremist groups (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [RSS], Bajrang dal and others). Local governments and nationalist Hindus seek to ‘purify’ India by making it entirely Hindu.

RSS informants live in nearly every village and report on the activities of Christians, resulting in attacks and arrests. Christians are very often violently thrown out of their villages or forced to flee.

In the Kandhamal region of India there are many thousands of displaced Christians who have settled in remote, less-inhabited areas, yet still face the threat of attack by Hindu fanatic groups. Many are forced to flee, time and again, often leaving their belongings behind.

Late last year, Voice of the Martyrs, with the help of our supporters, was able to carry out a Bibles Plus distribution in Kandhamal. The packs were transported by small trucks, over difficult terrain, to seven very remote areas.

A total of 800 Christian families each received a Bibles Plus pack containing: 25kg of rice, a mattress and a blanket for each family member; two cakes of soap, 1kg pulse seed, 1kg wheat flour, and a Bible in the Oriya or Odiya language.

All the recipients are victims of Christian persecution, most had been severely affected through recent persecution and all were first-time Bibles Plus recipients.

“I was thinking there is no one who cares for me after going through such gruelling persecution and being chased out of place to place. I was thinking there is no church who cares for a believer like me. But after receiving this Bible, which I love … I know I am not alone in this world and my Lord has kept people around me who love and care for me.” – 87-year-old widow

“I am a 90-year-old lady. When I faced this fresh persecution, being chased out of our settlement area in October 2019, I was so disgusted thinking that no one loves me. After receiving a Bibles Plus pack my faith has been rebuilt and I am strong in my Lord now.” – Bibles Plus recipient

Believers living in Mindanao, Philippines, especially those living in rural mountainous areas, face severe persecution and have limited access to Christian resources.

Bibles Plus packs were distributed in remote areas of the Caraga region, giving hope to persecuted believers and building their faith in God.

The distribution was coordinated by church leaders in the area. A four-wheel drive was provided so the distribution team could include those living in areas where travel is difficult, and towns are hard to reach.

The Bibles Plus packs included a mat, bed sheet, noodles, sugar, coffee, rice, a copy of Tortured for Christ and a Bible. The items were warmly received and the recipients – which included pastors – were grateful and very much encouraged in their faith and ministry.

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