Programming Focus Group

The Programming Committee is intended to be a community reference group where Dubbo’s 94.3 can gain insight from the community of interest on its programming. This is an important role.

The Committee evaluates suggestions for new programs, monitors existing presentations, decides when a program will go to air and reviews content to maintain the desired level of Australian content.

The Committee is made up of representatives from the Community who are members of Dubbo’s 94.3. The Committee meets regularly and seeks input to make Dubbo’s 94.3 the best community radio station.

The members of the Committee are nominees elected at the Annual General Meeting but Dubbo’s 94.3 wants the Committee to be drawn from the widest possible community base so it can act as a focus group.

If you have an interest in Dubbo’s 94.3 programming volunteer for the Programming Committee and have an impact on Dubbo’s 94.3 broadcasts.

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