Children: The Most Vulnerable Victims of Persecution

Nov 19, 2020 | VoM

On World Children’s Day, we remember Christian children in restricted nations who inevitably become victims of persecution, as they are the most vulnerable members of society.

In a few nations, this vulnerability leaves them susceptible to severe persecution such as forced labour, abduction, forced marriage, extreme abuse, terrorist attacks and the loss of their parents.

In some nations, Christian children are denied an education.

In many nations, Christian children endure educational bias and face social exclusion and abuse from teachers and students or are unable to access education due to poverty brought about by persecution.

In most restricted nations, Christian children live in poverty as a direct result of persecution.

Every year, Voice of the Martyrs works through its global network to ensure many of these children receive a Christmas Care pack.

The contents are tailored to specific needs of the children in each region, and every pack comes with a children’s Bible in the appropriate language.

Last year, 3,000 children received Christmas Care packs in restricted nations, including Cameroon, Nigeria, and Jordan.

In Cameroon, 80% of children who received the packs had been through the terrors of an attack by Boko Haram and 20% were orphaned as a result.

In Nigeria, many of the children were residents of a children’s crisis care home, while others were children of widows or those living in conflict areas.

In Jordan, all the children were refugees, having escaped Iraq with their families, due to persecution.

Christmas Care brings joy to children in restricted nations, the most vulnerable victims of persecution.

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