Apr 3, 2020 | VoM

Last year over 700 Bibles and 2000 hymn books were printed and distributed across Vietnam with the support of Voice of the Martyrs Australia, as the government continues to persecute local believers.

The government’s techniques for controlling local Christians in Vietnam has changed over time. Though once common practice, imprisonment is now rarely used. Instead, the central government puts pressure on local authorities to use measures of control. Local police themselves or with the use of thugs, brutally attack Christians willing to share the Gospel ’illegally’, as well as those who refuse to renounce their Christian faith.

Another way they attempt to halt the expansion of Christianity is to restrict or limit the translation and printing of religious materials, including Bibles and hymn books, especially in tribal languages.

All the materials that were printed and distributed last year were in these tribal languages and are now reaching many in remote areas.

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